Apart, We Are Together

We don’t get to choose the times in which we live, but we do get to choose how we rise to the unique challenges they present. I think about that a lot lately as our state, country, and world find ways to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I think about how it can be easy (and even natural and expected) to let the enormity of the situation overwhelm us.

I hope all of you reading this are finding ways to cope — physically, emotionally, professionally. At Ingredient, I can report that our teams have responded incredibly well. They’ve come together to meet the needs of our clients as the world around all of us morphed practically overnight (or so it seems). I feel we were better prepared than some to adapt so quickly. We’ve invested in remote working technologies and collaboration solutions so, in a lot of ways, we’ve been able to keep going almost as if nothing has happened.


We haven’t had a soul in our kitchen studio for more than a week. We won’t have anyone there for at least another two weeks. This is the reality of the particular slice of time in which we find ourselves. Yet again, our people have found a way. Development and testing has been happening in the individual kitchens of our team members. And soon, we will be producing content at the same high level of standards our clients have come to expect in those very kitchens.

The ingenuity and resolve of our people to keep servicing our clients and their customers in this trying time inspires me. We are so fortunate to have such committed teams.

So no, we can’t choose our times. But I’m proud to say the teams at Ingredient are refusing to let these times overwhelm us. We are more than surviving: We’re growing and learning and evolving. We’re collaborating and innovating. We’re getting shit done.

Apart, we are together. As we all must be.

Be well. Stay safe.

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