Ingredient Made a Cookbook

It turns out that people who work in the world of food marketing, from the writers to the culinary staff to the photographers and designers, all share a similar passion: cookbooks. Each one of us has an extensive collection of them, some cherished and handed down like the treasured family artifacts they are, others spiffy and just waiting to be stained by tomato sauce during their debut on the kitchen counter. And while a few of us at Ingredient have had a hand in making a cookbook or two in the past, none of us has been able to do the whole thing, from start to finish.

The really cool thing about working on our remarkable team of stupefyingly talented people is that, together, we were able to make what I, an admittedly biased judge, thinks is a beautiful first attempt. As I say in the introduction to Ingredient: The Cookbook, every aspect of it was created by us. Every pixel of every photo, every spice and herb, every ramekin and saucepan, every adjective and verb was the product of the diverse skills at Ingredient. That kind of tight, integrated creative capability is one of our superpowers.

For us, this cookbook has been part passion project, part calling card, and part flex. It was never intended to be widely distributed and certainly never designed to be sold. We mailed them out to friends and colleagues all across the country, and while we would have loved to be able to make enough for every person we’ve ever known, it just wasn’t possible. So for everyone we were not able to send one to, we created a companion website. I like to call it Ingredient: The Cookbook: The Website — but I’ve been told that’s not for external consumption and to keep it to myself. Oops.

In any event, all of the content in the printed book is also available in the digital version, along with most of the gorgeous pictures. And while I would not recommend staining its webpages with tomato sauce, it’s just as easy to use in the kitchen on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

From all of us at Ingredient, with love. Enjoy.

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