Right now

Drinking right now

Feral Beverage Co. I ran into this small-batch craft kombucha brewer by chance one day when I was picking up a CSA share at Wise Acre Eatery. Ken and Lucian, the founders, were sampling right on the property and selling growlers. I was sucked in by their branding and hooked by the flavor. You can find it on tap around town and they also have a 3-month membership.

Eating right now

sweet and spicy condiment. Things I’ve put it on…

Up next…

  • Peanut butter toast
  • Tequila based cocktails
  • Ice cream

Cooking right now

A variety of recipes from Julia Turshen’s Small Victories. One reason I love this cookbook is because Julia doesn’t write anything that’s not a useful tip or helpful technique. No fluff, no BS. She also includes spin-offs for each recipe because sometimes you just don’t have the exact ingredients - she gives you permission to try something else.

I’ve made her roast chicken recipe three times in the last month (it is #8 on this list). I made it once with za’atar instead of lemon, fennel and rosemary and the two other times with smoked paprika. This is a delicious bird.

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