How now, brown cow?

Walking in a biting cold wind on a farm path squishy with mud to meet some brown cows is not how most days start for those in marketing, but when you're very lucky, they do.

That was the scene as we visited one of three dairy farms that supply milk for our new client, Sweet Meadows Farms. Sweet Meadows is different than typical milk in that it's from cows who are pasture-grazed. As much as possible (seasons and weather permitting), these girls hang out with their hooves planted in sweet green goodness, walking and chewing and being the very image of what you think of when you imagine a dairy cow.

The most rewarding part of the trip for us, though, was meeting the dairy farmers whose lives are dedicated to a type of dairy farming that's more about animal welfare and land stewardship than it is a drive towards the greatest efficiency and lowest costs. These are people whose jobs and lives are integrated in ways those of us who depend on their efforts for our food too often fail to appreciate.

You can find out what we did for Sweet Meadows on their case study page. We'll be a heading back to the farms later this year to capture photography and start the process of developing content that, like their milk, is fresh from the lives of the farmers.

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