Using Social Listening to Give Clients an Edge

Today’s installment of the Ingredient blog is brought to you by social listening, a strategy we use to set our clients up for success. Social listening involves using specific tools to keep an eye on brand- and brand-adjacent conversations, find influencers, monitor and promote brand health, and help our clients stay relevant in the social spaces that matter most.

Sprout Social recently interviewed Ingredient Vice President of Content and Analytics, Emily Tritabaugh, and Ingredient Strategic Account Manager, Angela Ritchie, on why social listening is a non-negotiable part of our digital-marketing toolkit.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Emily and Angela talk about in the article—and why social listening is essential in today’s digital-marketing landscape.

Social listening enables brands to:

  • Stay relevant. Over half of consumers will unfollow a brand for irrelevant content.
  • Spot emerging trends. We used social listening to understand how the pandemic changed people’s food and cooking habits. “Early on in COVID, we had a listening topic set up to see what people were talking about regarding recipes,” Emily told Sprout Social. “What kinds of recipes are they making? Were people baking more? Cooking more?”
  • Learn what’s not resonating with clients — and correct course. “Social listening gives you that extra piece of information that can tell you when you’re doing something right, adds Emily. “But it can also show you what you’re doing wrong and how to shift.”
  • Better understand audience behavior. Social listening sheds light on how customers use products, and that knowledge helps marketers design more successful content strategies and increase revenue for clients.
  • Develop single-project campaigns and track performance. Social listening made it possible for us to track the incredible success of the #nationalbutterdaycampaign we developed for our client Dinner Bell Creamery.

The bottom line is: Social listening is essential for brand health and for being part of the conversations happening about, and around, your brand. For more about social listening and how we use it to help our clients succeed, check out the full Sprout Social article.

(Header graphic: Sprout Social)

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