Welcome to Ingredient

The idea that eventually became Ingredient was conceived, like a lot of good ideas and perhaps quite fittingly, over a meal. Specifically, a lunchtime pitstop with Ken and Emily at Hello Pizza following a meeting with our client Lunds & Byerlys. We'd been working with food clients for years, but L&B was an opportunity for us to branch out in ways that we really enjoyed but were also, it turns out, pretty good at.

I remember saying, this is what we need to do more of. Not eat pizza (but that's OK, too). Market food and food culture. Brands and companies involved with making, eating, talking about, living with, or selling food. We had a passion and a talent and a unique team capable of so much more than the work in front of us to that point gave us opportunity to do. So we all agreed to set a course on that day that leads us to this one. A path that allows us to exercise our enthusiasm more fully.

The thing about food that makes it so exciting to us is that it's such an intimate thing. Of the handful of actions we all do every day as humans that are central to our survival (go ahead, count them – four things? five?) preparing and eating food is the only one we routinely do communally. The one that's not only socially acceptable to happen with and in front of your friends, family, and loved ones, it's actually enhanced by doing so. And the lenses though which people perceive and value their ever more numerous food options are more complex than ever before. That creates an incredible opportunity for those willing to dig into it. We relish that challenge.

The path to Ingredient wasn't straight and it wasn't short, but it finds us here, today. We launch Ingredient with a great deal of hope and excitement and passion. We strive to tell the stories of similarly passionate creators of food products or the culture that surrounds them.

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