What They Are

Content kits are tiered packaging options for emerging CPG brands to implement in aiding their go-to-market launch by regularly providing top-quality content for use across various channels.


All kits are customizable based on what the brand’s needs are.


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Starter Kit


We’ll help you add flare to your channels by dosing in a few assets every month produced by us.


This kit is great for those looking to get their feet wet, or perhaps already have a consistent line of content but want to add to their mix.


$9.5K / Month
4 Short Form Videos or 6 Images

This can also be a blend of video / photos - for example, 2 short form videos & 2 images or 1 video & 3 images, etc.

Competitive Kit


This kit is designed to give you the most bang for your buck and distinguish you from your competitors with a frequent output of top-tier content that your consumers will want to share, naturally expanding your customer base.


$17.5K / Month
8 Short Form Videos or 8 Images

This can also be a blend of video / photos - for example, 4 short form videos & 4 images or 6 videos & 2 images, etc.

Kick-Off Kit


This kit is designed for those who are starting from scratch and need those essential initial assets (product shots, lifestyle imagery,) as well as a pipeline of content cohesive with that to carry onward.


This kit’s fee reflects a one-time start-up cost to get your brand off the ground, then you can opt into one of the other kits for ongoing content.


$25K / Month
12 Short Form Videos or 12 Images

This can also be a blend of video / photos - for example, 6 short form videos & 6 images or 5 videos & 7 images, etc.

Kit Add-Ons

You can upgrade your monthly package at anytime, as well as opt in for these add-on services as needed.



Pricing varies based on quantity, complexity, and frequency. Contact us for your custom quote.

Need More?

Need more than content generation? Curious to work with influencers? Need Newsletters? Wish you had someone to manage your Social Media overall? We can help.

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