Heggies Pizza

A Midwestern frozen pizza brand with a fiercely loyal following, Heggies Pizza is most often spotted in local bars and convenience stores. However, it’s more than just pizza; it’s an essential ingredient to some of the best memories of hanging out with friends and family, from snowmobile trips and summers at the lake to pull tabs and pitchers at the bar.

Heggies came to us with an outdated website that didn’t match their brand. They needed to create a simple online presence that better reflected their brand’s core values and their customers’ experiences.

We designed and built a new mobile-friendly web experience that aligns with Heggies’ brand values, reflects their heritage and speaks to their customers in an authentic voice.

The Heggies brand story isn’t about the pizza – rather, it’s all about their customers – so we built a custom tool using innovative CMS framework that enables their marketing team to easily integrate user-generated content from social media into their website.

Sadly, we were unable to resolve the square vs. triangle pizza-cutting controversy during this project, but we continue to actively test pizzas in the hopes of someday finding an answer.


  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Frontend development
  • Photography
  • CMS implementation
  • Website design
  • Pizza tasting
  • Roof-of-mouth burning