Sweet Meadows Farms

Sweet Meadows Farms came to us poised for expansion and in need of a new digital marketing presence. As a distributor of exclusively pasture-grazed milk, they had initially launched their brand on a smaller scale, but based on overwhelmingly positive consumer response they were now preparing for explosive growth.

When they asked us to create a website that makes an authentic, emotional connection with consumers, we knew we had to dig in and get our boots muddy – literally. We travelled to southwestern Ohio to meet with some of the Sweet Meadows dairy farmers and tour their small family farms. During our visit, we met the cows, drank the milk and learned firsthand about the special blend of animal husbandry and land stewardship that goes into creating pasture-grazed milk. We took this newfound knowledge back to our studio, where we wrote, designed and built a brand-new Sweet Meadows Farms website that hones in on the unique benefits of pasture-grazed milk and connects consumers to the farmers, their families and their cows on an emotional level.


  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Frontend development
  • Photography
  • CMS implementation
  • Website design
  • Interactive marketing
  • On-farm boot-muddying