We Are Ingredient

We’re a passionate team of strategists and process experts, designers and developers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, and culinary professionals. Since 1994, we’ve been helping brands share their unique stories and connect with consumers like it’s 1999*.

*As an MN-based agency, we’re contractually obligated to drop a Prince reference at least once per quarter.

Our people

Our company brings together smart, forward-looking people from diverse backgrounds and several states across the country. We love cooking (especially in our test kitchens), snacks (our office is well stocked), and the great, wide world of food culture (from farm to table and beyond).

But wherever we come from and whatever we do, our agency’s secret ingredient isn’t just our individual talents and passions — it’s the recipe we create when we all come together. And we use it to deliver smart, thoughtful, and beautiful solutions to the slew of marketing challenges that come your way, every day.

What We Do

Inspire connections. We achieve our clients’ objectives by creating a human connection between brands and consumers across all touchpoints and channels, leveraging each platform’s distinctive strategies. We create a meaningful, relatable dialogue that inspires your audience to follow, like, share, click, connect, cook, create, and purchase. And we genuinely love it. It’s how we’re able to give consumers the sense of connection they need to feel good about the brands they invite into their lives and the products they buy. (#WarmFuzzies)

Why We Do It

You. Our clients are at the center of what we do. We are the guardians of your story and we take that to heart. We care about your message and while we optimize it to meet your objective, we always stay true to your brand. Our clients and partners love this about us. They also love that we look out for them. We prepare for the unexpected so we can solve problems before they start. We are their go-to consultants and no. 1 fans. We also happen to be nice people who do excellent, on-point, and stunning creative work.

How We Get It Done

Our people. Individually, we are each passionate, talented, and dedicated strategists, creatives, and technologists. Together, we are a small and mighty throng that gets the work done and never turns down a chance to celebrate ourselves, our clients, and our achievements along the way. No need for humble bragging here.

Our Values


We are a team. We play as a team, we win and lose as a team.


We are compassionate, supportive, and kind. We care about people, inside and out of the organization.


We creatively plan for the future. We’re ever-curious and nimble. We aren’t rigidly dogmatic.


We’re excited about our potential. We look forward to realizing it. We despise cynicism.


We are humbly authoritative and experts in our field. We are focused on bringing ideas and solutions.

Our Services

Lifestyle Marketing +

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy & Planning

Creative Production

Social Media Management


Performance Marketing +

Paid Social

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

One-to-One Marketing +

Campaign Strategy & Planning

Best Practices Consulting

Creative Production

Campaign Management


Analytics & Insights

We want to meet you!

Interested in learning more about Ingredient’s culture and capabilities? Want to put a face to the name? Let’s chat over a cheeseboard!