Gelson's Markets

Gelson's Markets, a premium grocery chain in Southern California, is known for having the highest quality, freshest food in the region, along with superb standards of service. But in the competitive Los Angeles grocery arena, they needed to find a better way to communicate those benefits and attract new customers.

The first step: refocusing their marketing strategy from traditional in-store flyers to an almost exclusively online approach. With our experience working in the grocery business, along with our insights into consumer food behaviors, we have a unique awareness of the marketing challenges that independent grocers face. We used this expertise to produce a new content marketing plan that focuses primarily on social media, paid media and email.

As Gelson's first and only ongoing agency relationship, we develop new recipes for them to feature via social media channels; we also build editorial plans based on their promotional calendars, taking into account seasonality, current trends, and the unique qualities of the Southern California grocery market, including cultural attributes, ethnic tastes, and regional holidays. We leverage this content in modern marketing spaces to tell the stories that only small, independent grocers can tell, from their commitment to community to understanding local preferences.

Our team of copywriters crafts engaging brand messages, blog posts and social media copy; our photographers and videographers create upscale yet approachable food photography and recipe videos to inspire and attract new customers. We also help the Gelson's marketing team integrate these interactive marketing efforts into their overall e-commerce strategy and ensure that they reflect larger trends in the grocery and food business.

This new online strategy has seen significant results. John Bagan, Gelson's Chief Merchandising Officer, shares: "Since starting with Ingredient in the fall of 2018, we have seen a significant uptick in sales and transactions that we feel is being driven in good measure by the work we are doing with them. I've been very pleased with their team and our working relationship, the consistent quality of their ideas and output, and the results they've been helping to drive."


  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Digital strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Food styling
  • Frontend development
  • Paid media
  • Photography
  • Promotional strategy & management
  • Recipe development
  • Social media management
  • Video production
  • Music production
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